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That is a lot of transformation and challenges in one place. Check the house that includes 13 to 22 Capricorn to see how this aspect is affecting you. See the Meaning of the Houses here. This aspect will be exact in January I think we can see how this is acting in the outer world. Some major institutions and corporations are under siege from Pluto. Mercury is moving retrograde this month until Nov Everything could slow down now, especially your mind. Take it slow, see what you can discover about yourself when your mind is not racing.

Mercury is in the sign of Pluto, delve deep into conspiracy theories, we have a lot to pick from nowadays. Dates to Watch:. Note to my Astrology Clients. Use your Planetary Placement and Ascendant Sheet to find if the following transits will have a major impact on you. Nov 1 — Venus enters Sagittarius until Nov This is a time to become extroverted and have fun.

Your friends will love being with you during this time.

SOLAR ECLIPSE 5,6 JANUARY 12222: Vision of the days to come

This is not a good time to make changes or to force action. If you have personal planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars or the ascendant at 18 to 21 Libra or Capricorn, try not to lock horns with those nasty people in the executive offices. This is good for love and romance. It increases our idealism. Nov 11 — Sun Conjunct Mercury at 19 Scorpio.

You feel really sharp on this aspect. Your mind is lit up by the Sun. If you have personal planets or the ascendant at 17 to 21 of Scorpio or Taurus, do some research into why everyone around you needs some major psychotherapy? Nov 12 — Full Moon at 19 Taurus. This is a culmination of the New Moon of October Did you do an intention then?

Is it being fulfilled? Taurus is a fixed sign of beauty, security, and loyalty. They can be pretty stubborn though. Stay loose during this Full Moon. There could be good news coming to you; news that will inspire you. A good day to go to an important interview. Venus and Neptune are such sweet planets that you could be too timid and giving today. Nov 19 — Mars enters Scorpio until January 4, Mars is a fiery powerhouse and Scorpio is a fixed water sign. They can work together since Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio.

You can get a lot done on this one especially if it involves research. Nov 20 — Mercury turns direct at 11 Scorpio. He will be in Scorpio until Dec 9. You could be very sensitive to other people's remarks at this time. Other people could be jealous of you. If you have personal planets or the ascendant at 9 to 13 Scorpio, try to forgive and forget.

Nov 22 — Sun enters Sagittarius. We are getting weary of the darkness of Scorpio and of their emotional tantrums. We emerge from that cloud and decide that it's time to have fun and no one, I mean no one knows how to have fun like a Sagittarius. Nov 24 — Venus Conjunct Jupiter at 28 Sagittarius. Jupiter rules Sagittarius so we have a doubling of the Sagittarius energy.

Aries 2020 Horoscope

Venus brings in friendships and love. Be careful not to go overboard and promise more to your friends than you can deliver. If you have personal planets or the ascendant at 26 to 29 Sagittarius, be careful not to spend too much or eat too much. A lot of astrologers would advise some self-control on this one. Instead, engage the Uranus and fight for progress whatever that is in our crazy mixed up climate. If you have personal planets or the ascendant at 1 to 5 degrees of Scorpio or Taurus, you may decide to take a trip to a place you have never been before.

Nov 25 — Venus enters Capricorn December You were gathering a lot of friends with Venus in Sagittarius. Now you decide you want to have just one mature, loyal buddy.

This is the time of commitment. Nov 26 — New Moon at 4 Sagittarius. This month could bring in the itch to travel. People you meet on your trips will be warm and friendly. Nov 27 — Neptune turns direct at 15 Pisces. This is a big deal. Neptune is casting its amorphous vibration down on us especially if you have personal planets or the ascendant at 13 to 17 Pisces. We could all feel disconnected or indecisive today.

It is a great time for music and any of the arts. How about Shamanism? I like this one because I like Uranus. He brings in the unusual. Venus rules love and beauty. This aspect could bring in a new love interest with someone who could be an anarchist. Or a more sensible way to spend the day is going to a museum to appreciate art. Take your pick if you have personal planets or the ascendant at 1 to 5 Capricorn or Taurus.

This month Jupiter moves from 23 to 29 degrees of Sagittarius. Jupiter is about growth and expansion especially in travel and education and also in the area of your life ruled by the house in your natal chart that contains Sagittarius. In Sagittarius, you could take on too much-- too many projects, too many engagements, too many appointments, and too much socializing.

Watch it. This month he is moving from 15 to 17 degrees. If you have the ascendant or any personal planets at 13 to 20 degrees of Capricorn or Cancer, you may be in store for some hard lessons around the issues ruled by the planet and the house the planet is in or rules. While Saturn is in Capricorn he is asking about your ambitions, your career, and your work ethic. In Capricorn, he is right at home and wants to build something.

He stimulates you to make plans to be successful in the outer world. This month Uranus is retrograde and moves from 4 to 3 degrees of Taurus. If you have personal planets or the ascendant at 1 to 7 degrees of Taurus or Scorpio, you will feel a need for freedom and for making some radical changes in your life. If you have Uranus in a challenging aspect to your ascendant or personal planets, go on a long vacation, move or make some major changes in your life. This month he is traveling retrograde until the 27 th and moves from 16 to 15 degrees of Pisces all month.

A lack of focus, a sense of drifting or an inability to see a betrayal or disappointment until it's too late can be experienced by those of you with the Sun or Personal Planets at 18 to 19 degrees of Pisces or Virgo. For the enlightened out there, Neptune can also bring artistic, musical, creative expression, increased dreams and spiritual insights.

Watch for some really inspired films to come out during the time Neptune is in Pisces. Profound changes will be felt especially by those with the ascendant or personal planets at 17 to 24 degrees of Capricorn or Cancer. What needs to die in order to be reborn? Many bright blessings to you and yours,. Janet Kane. Halloween is Oct 31, but we are having Halloween all month. The origin of Halloween is not clear. Some say it came from the Celtic harvest celebrations. Some folklorists believe that Halloween dates back to the ancient Roman festival of the dead called Parentalia.

During this festival, they honored the deceased members of their families and also the malevolent and destructive aspects of the spirit of the dead. Does this sound a lot like Pluto? Halloween is the day we honor Pluto but we are worshiping Pluto all month with multiple aspects to this dark god and his station on Oct 3 when he will stop in the sky and slowly turn direct. This is an important month for those born from the 9 th to the 14th of January or July 10th to the 15 th. Pluto has some deep lessons for you this month. This could bring about an embarrassing situation, especially with a loved one.

Maybe your deep psychological issues come pouring out and you start ranting to your friends and your dearly beloved about how boring and insignificant they are. Pluto rules the underworld, in our modern terminology the unconscious. What deep feelings have you buried because you wanted to be seen as a nice guy? Oct 3 — Pluto stations direct at 20 Capricorn. Here is that Pluto guy again. This is what is making the above aspect so powerful. Pluto has been slowing down at 20 Capricorn getting ready to turn direct today.

Pluto will churn things up in our psyche. Maybe things we really do not want to see. Those of you with personal planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and, the ascendant at 18 to 22 Capricorn or Cancer have been through a lot of emotional pain. Hope you have been to see a therapist on this one. When Pluto turns direct today, you may be able to see what this god is asking of you in order to transform your life. Mercury enters Scorpio until December 9.

Pluto rules Scorpio --so far this is turning into a dark month. Mercury in Scorpio loves to research and investigate. Watch some murder mysteries on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Oct 4 — Mars enters Libra until Nov The symbol, for Mars is the arrow. Where do you want to project your energies? Starting today it may be in the arts or forming new friendships. I like Uranus because he is ornery. And Mercury in an opposition to him means we will get some real extraordinary ideas today. If you have personal planets or the ascendant at 3 to 7 degrees of Scorpio or Taurus, you may feel kind of jumpy and irritated today, be careful not to get into a dispute with anyone.

You could get disillusioned by someone you had a lot of faith in. This is a morose day for those of you with personal planets or the ascendant at 12 to 16 Libra, Capricorn or Cancer. Oct 8 — Venus enters Scorpio until Nov 1. Another planet going into a Pluto ruled sign. You may decide to dress in black and wear some gothic makeup. That is a good way to worship Venus in Scorpio. The planet of relationships is opposite the planet of separation. Uh oh! If you have personal planets or the ascendant at 3 to7 Scorpio or Taurus, try to get a little distance from others today.

Go off on your own. Oct 13 — Full Moon at 20 Aries. Pluto again? You could run into a manipulative and controlling person today. Watch out if you have personal planets or the ascendant at 18 to 22 Libra, Capricorn or Cancer. You could receive some good news today. Maybe from someone who lives at a distance? You may feel like redecorating your home or rearranging the furniture. This is also a great aspect of long-distance travel. Oct 23 — Sun enters Scorpio until Nov We are really entering Pluto country now.

This is a good time to make intense commitments with another. But remember, Scorpio has a jealous and suspicious nature. So only commit to the non-jealous types — Geminis and Sagittarians. This gives us the flavor of the coming month. This new moon is opposite Uranus, the shocker. If you think you will become a hermit and hold on to your secret life this month, forget it. Uranus reveals all.

Mars wants to be up and doing. This can lead to total frustration especially if you have personal planets or the ascendant at 13 to 17 Libra, Scorpio or Taurus. On this one, we try to tell other people what to do.


Everyone gives advice and no one listens. I did a compatibility session for four people in a Uranus type family. Compatibility was the wrong word to use. Everyone was trying to tell everyone else what to do and no one was listening. If you have personal planets or the ascendant at 2 to 4 degrees of Scorpio or Taurus, are you giving unwanted advice? Oct 30 — Mercury Conjunct Venus at 27 Scorpio. Today you are thinking about relationships. This is a good aspect to start writing your memoirs.

Oct 31 — Mercury turns retrograde at 27 Scorpio until Nov We need these periods. This month Jupiter moves from 18 to 23 degrees of Sagittarius. This month he is moving from 14 to 15 degrees. If you have the ascendant or any personal planets at 12 to 17 degrees of Capricorn or Cancer, you may be in store for some hard lessons around the issues ruled by the planet and the house the planet is in or rules.

This month Uranus is retrograde and moves from 5 to 4 degrees of Taurus. If you have personal planets or the ascendant at 2 to 7 degrees of Taurus or Scorpio, you will feel a need for freedom and for making some radical changes in your life. This month he is traveling retrograde and stays at 16 degrees of Pisces all month.

A lack of focus, a sense of drifting or an inability to see a betrayal or disappointment until it's too late can be experienced by those of you with the Sun or Personal Planets at 14 to 18 degrees of Pisces or Virgo. On the 3 rd of this month, Pluto will turn direct and will stay 20 degrees of Capricorn. Profound changes will be felt especially by those with the ascendant or personal planets at 18 to 22 degrees of Capricorn or Cancer.

Live long and prosper,. This is called a stellium. Check your birth chart to see the house that contains Virgo. The affairs of this house will be where you need to set up habits and routines that will be very beneficial in the future.. See the meaning of the houses here. Virgos are having a lot of revelations and insight about their identity, their thinking process, their relationships and where they want to go.

That is a lot for poor Virgo to handle. These planets will start moving into Libra mid-month to give Virgo a break. With all of these inner planets in Earth signs, plus Saturn and d Pluto in an earth sign get ready to clean out drawers do some maintenance around the house and take care of the garden-- get busy. If you have Personal Planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars or the Ascendant at 4 to 26 Virgo or Pisces or if your birthday falls on Aug 22 thru Sep 12 or Feb 24 thru March 17, you will have shocks and surprises this month while you are trying to get some serious work done.

This will last until Sep This is about innovative new enterprises, friendships, writing, and travel. Sep 2 — Sun Conjunct Mars at 9 Virgo. We can get quite antsy on this one and snap at people, probably our mate. Personal matters are upsetting. Wait a while before making a decision. Sep 3 — Mercury Conjunct Mars at 10 Virgo.

You are mentally stimulated today. Express yourself on a blog or on facebook, but try not to offend people. Your mind is sharp today. This aspect can get you out of a rut. Sun Conjunct Mercury at 10 Virgo. This is good for taking a trip and finishing your manuscript and for all aspects of business. Your mind lights up from the Sun. You are bright today; even if most of the time you are really dull. This can lead to arguments and upsets. You are ready for action. You could make an error in judgment like lending money to that aging hippie you have been dating.

This is a good one for making decisions that are realistic. Make sure you know the value of something before you purchase it or be careful about getting involved in speculation. This is a good day to deal with elders. Perform services for those in need. This is good for having a party, sealing a friendship and for courtship. Do we really court anymore? Here we may hear some news that is scandalous. Something hidden could come into your awareness. There could be some setbacks in your plans.

Use some self-control today. You could get help from some powerful people today or from a Scorpio. You are optimistic about money. You have the concentration and the experience to do a first-class job in anything you undertake. Avoid financial decisions. You have this urge to get away from your responsibilities and make radical changes.

Sep 13 — Mercury Conjunct Venus at 26 Virgo. Speaking and writing about love today. There could be news of a romance or an exciting social time. You receive really good advice from a relative or business partner. Take advantage of it. Sep 14 — This is the day that some of the inner planets start moving out of Virgo into Libra.

This culminates the events we started on the New Moon of August This Full Moon is in a positive aspect to Pluto. Sometimes on a Pisces Full Moon, we can get kinda spacey, but with Pluto, in the mix, we want to go deep. I would think something like grounded metaphysical ideas. Maybe you give up on angels and start talking to gnomes or trolls. Other people will try to hypnotize or manipulate you today.

Be careful of the guy with the black cape and piercing eyes. Bela Lugosi is not dead. Mercury enters Libra until Oct 3. Finally, Mercury has stopped worrying in Virgo and now wants to think about relationships and how best to paint the flowers in the garden. Venus enters Libra until Oct 8. Venus rules Libra. This is her own sign. You can get busy with your art work or better yet, have a glass of wine and take it easy. Sep 18 — Saturn stations direct at 13 Capricorn.

Now is the time to make progress in your career, if you have one. Also, make some sound financial decisions and get grounded in your personal life. If you have personal planets or the ascendant at 11 to 15 Capricorn or Cancer, you may get stopped in your tracks if you are not taking care of business.

This is the opportunity to eliminate bad habits and stuff in your life that no longer has a purpose. Take a deep breath. This is the break we have been waiting for.

These two planets are all about meaning and inspiration. Take advantage of this day, take a vacation. This will be in effect from the 12 th to the 30 th. Skydiving is out! You may have unrealistic expectations if you have personal planets or the ascendant at 15 to 19 of Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini or Virgo. Who cares who is running for president on the Democratic ticket? Remember whoever wins, we lose. Sep 23 — Sun enters Libra until Oct Another goodbye to Virgo.

I have a lot of friends who are Librans, they can tolerate me. They can tolerate most erratic people. The Libra month is about finding harmony and balance in all things.

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People are trying to push you around and you are getting belligerent. Wait till everyone calms down and then tell them off. Be careful of taking on something that will cost you in time and money. Check all bills you receive for mistakes. Oh yes, computers can make mistakes too. This month Jupiter moves from 15 to 18 degrees of Sagittarius.

This month he is moving retrograde from 14 to 13 degrees until the 18 th when he turns direct and then moves back to 14 degrees until the end of the month. If you have the ascendant or any personal planets at 11 to 16 degrees of Capricorn or Cancer, you may be in store for some hard lessons around the issues ruled by the planet and the house the planet is in or rules. This Uranus is retrograde and moves from 6 to 5 degrees of Taurus.

If you have personal planets or the ascendant at 3 to 8 degrees of Taurus or Scorpio, you will feel a need for freedom and for making some radical changes in your life. This month he is traveling retrograde and moves from 17 to 16 degrees of Pisces all month. A lack of focus, a sense of drifting or an inability to see a betrayal or disappointment until it's too late can be experienced by those of you with the Sun or Personal Planets at 14 to 20 degrees of Pisces or Virgo.

This month Pluto is retrograde and will stay 20 degrees of Capricorn. Enjoy a beautiful fall. By looking at progressed planets especially the Sun and Moon and eclipses to President Trumps birth chart, we can understand a lot about what the president is experiencing now and in the immediate future. The most important change in a chart is when the progressed Sun enters a new zodiac sign.

This happens every 30 years. People experience three or four progressed sun sign changes in their lifetime based on where the Sun is located in their birth chart. For example, if the Sun is at 5 degrees in any sign, it will progress into the next sign in 25 years. The Sun moves a degree a year and zodiac signs are 29 degrees long. The sign following the birth sign is an incompatible sign and therefore a very uncomfortable place for the next 29 years.

The next sign is the most compatible and also lasts 29 years. This is when the most important work is accomplished. The sign after that is incapable with our birth sign. President Trump was born at 22 degrees of Gemini since a degree equals a year in progressions this means that in 8 years he would have arrived at 0 degrees of Cancer.

Thirty years later the progressed sun would be at 0 degrees of Leo. This is when Gemini really shines as they are master communicators and in Leo, they are on the public stage. During this time President Trump was starring in The Apprentice. He was also elected president during this phase because many people saw his archetype as a King. Two years ago his progressed Sun went into Virgo. I notice that when the progressed Sun moves into a new sign, it can take approximately three years to adjust to this new energy.

Sometimes a relationship at this time with someone who has this new sign prominent in their birth chart can help the person embody that new archetype. What can we expect from President Trump now that his progressed Sun has moved into Virgo? Well, going from King to Servant is tough. Also, as a progressed Virgo Sun he could become a scapegoat because he may not have that strong leonine ego strength to defend himself.

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How comfortable is it for a natal Gemini to move into Virgo? The sign of Virgo and his natal Sun sign of Gemini are very similar. Both signs are ruled by Mercury communication , and both signs are mutable flexible. A difference is that Virgo, an earth sign, is concerned with the concrete, mundane world and Gemini, an air sign, gets bored with the real world and instead likes to deal with ideas.

Another difference is that Gemini is an extroverted sign and Virgo is introverted. Trump is also experiencing a progressed new moon this year , which occurs once every 29 years. To get a hint of this new phase of life, we look to see in what sign and in what house the progressed new moon is occurring.

The sign of the progressed Sun and progressed Moon are in Virgo in his the first house which is about being seen. Looking at these two major progressions, I would think he would decide to do something new. He may change the way he operates in the world; maybe he would modify his attitude, behavior or ideas.

Aries Horoscope – Aries Horoscope Yearly Predictions

The two in July have impacted his Mercury and Venus. The eclipse on January 10, , impacts his Saturn. These eclipses are the repeat of the ones in the same part of his chart back in and The effect of an eclipse can last for six months and up to three years. These eclipses will affect his thinking patterns, bringing in new ideas or letting go of old ones Mercury. They will affect his close relationships, karmic attractions or separations Venus and his career Saturn.

These eclipses will shine a light on these areas of his life and bring them up to consciousness where he can examine them. In addition to these changes in President Trump's birth chart, the United States is suffering death and rebirth because Pluto with a cycle of years is coming back to 27 Capricorn where it was when the United States was established on July 4, Something has to die in order for something new to be born.

Pluto in Capricorn in the United States birth chart means there may be a shadow side to our government and our method of practicing capitalism. With this Pluto return, we will see a lot of corruption come up to be examined and hopefully abolished. Pluto helps us destroy what is no longer needed.

It may have been necessary to have Trump as president during this time. His birth chart has strong connections to the United States birth chart and his major astrological changes are coinciding with the United States going through its transformation. I try not to second guess the gods. Eclipses on July 2 nd and July 16 th. Use your Planetary Placement and Ascendant Sheet to find if the following eclipses will have a major impact on you. They bring endings and beginnings-- births and deaths. They believed that rulers are born or die at the time of eclipses.

People born on an eclipse have a light that shines out to others and they tend to be popular or important people. The energy from an eclipse can last up to six months and also become active a month before the actual eclipse. Total Solar Eclipse on July 2 at 10 Cancer. This eclipse will be seen across the South Pacific, Chile, and Argentina. Solar Eclipses tend to relate to sudden events that disrupt our day to day functioning; they are the crisis that seems to come out of nowhere and that suddenly demand all of our conscious attention and focus.

They tend to stir things up on a physical and conscious level much more than Lunar Eclipses. A solar eclipse is a powerful new moon so make plans for the future. Set your intentions during this eclipse around Cancer themes — family, home, children and traditions. The 6 months following this eclipse is an ideal time to make a fresh start in your relationships with your immediate family.

Total Lunar Eclipse on July 16 at 24 Capricorn. On a Lunar Eclipse, something will end and on a Solar Eclipse, something will begin. A Lunar Eclipse is an opportunity to break habits or eliminate socially conditioned patterns of thought and behavior that stand in the way of self-realization. This eclipse rules big business, property, land, and finance. Also, this eclipse can help you get grounded and organized in your daily routines. A Lunar Eclipse can make us more aware of our patterns, and our unconscious motivations.

This is especially true since this eclipse is conjunct Pluto. This period of time can bring up old memories and feelings. Full moon eclipses can bring things to completion that you have been working on. The Sun opposite the Moon lights up the Moon and brings previously unexamined areas of your life into awareness. Repressed energies emerge for confrontation and resolution. Pay attention to your dreams. Lunar Eclipses are more emotional than Solar Eclipses.

This eclipse on July 16 will affect two signs — Cancer and Capricorn. Capricorn wants to succeed in the outer world. Cancer wants to develop and maintain a secure home life. The inter-relationship between these two signs mirrors the inter-relationship each of us has with our urge for prestige and the urge to tend to the home.

How will these eclipses affect you? Eclipses are contrary to the status quo. If impacted by one of these eclipses, your life will not run on the same track it has been on. But that can be a good thing. Some view eclipses as release and renewal points. If your birthday falls on or is close to the dates of an eclipse your life will change dramatically in the months and years ahead. An eclipse is more powerful if the shadow falls where you are living or on your birthplace. Eclipses repeat every 19 years. We had solar and lunar eclipses at the same points In July of Look back at what happened then.

This will continue a theme that was playing out at that time. But remember, eclipses get triggered after they occur so events can come in after the eclipse especially within 6 months after the event. An eclipse tends to emphasize matters related to the house it falls in on your natal chart and what planets it conjuncts or opposes. The areas ruled by the houses or planets will demand more attention, thought, energy, and time from you, at least until the next eclipse in December Eclipses open doors and invite you to come in, illuminating and stimulating areas of your life that need your attention.

Remember that planetary energies are archetypal and archetypes can be expressed in many different ways. Also, look at your natal chart for the house that holds 8 to 12 degrees of cancer. The Total Lunar Eclipse of July 16 at 24 Capricorn happens on a full moon as all Lunar Eclipses and two houses in your natal chart will be affected. It will mean the end of one set of circumstances and the beginning of another. Let go! Look at your natal chart for the houses that contains 22 to 26 degrees of Cancer or Capricorn.

This eclipse will stir up events related to those houses. If any of these eclipses fall on a personal planet, check the list of keywords for the planets here. To see a brief list of areas covered by the different houses in your birth chart click here. I leave you in the lap of the gods. Uranus is moving into Taurus on March 6 and will be there for the next 7 years.

Personified as the God Prometheus, he likes to shake things up and I would diagnose him with ADD, and a manic personality. He tends to start uprisings and revolutions which fits into the fact that the Occupy Wall Street movement started as soon as he moved into Aires seven years ago. Those born between and will have a Uranus return sometime in the next 7 years while the wild man is in Taurus. I have found that a lot of people get noticed when they are 84 or 85 The period of the Uranus cycle.

Joseph Campbell died just before his Uranus return, but PBS aired Bill Moyers interview with him after his death and that led to him becoming very well known. My Dad had a picture of his garden in the local paper when he was What does this mean for those of you with the Ascendant, Moon or Sun in Taurus? The only advice I can give is--stay loose. I have the moon home and two other planets in early degrees of Taurus. If you call for an appointment in this year, I may be living in Singapore where I have wonderful lines according to Astro-Cartography.

Taurus rules possession, money, property, land, banking, farming, and gardens. We could see some positive breakthroughs and inventions in these areas. He loves technology and originality. Taurus also rules the working class and the infrastructure where we may see long-delayed Improvements. A city in California decided to guarantee an income to everyone whether or not they were working.

That is a very Uranus in Taurus idea. We may see more of these kinds of things around income equality. Also, Uranus rules technology and with Taurus ruling money we may see more development in the area of cyber currency. Uranus in Taurus concerns climate change. We may see more unusual weather patterns or, on the other hand, developments concerning economic or technological breakthroughs in this area. Look for the house in your chart that contains Taurus.

This is the area of your life where you try to hold on tight, and not make changes. Uranus is going to force you to let go.

Archetypal Astrology, Mythology, and Depth Psychology

Ultimately all Uranus is asking for is some flexibility in your ideas and in your habits. Please contact Veronica for further information at veronica. Website: www. Details are forthcoming. Other news — Amazon Prime is showing 20 episodes of Great Greek Myths an easy way to learn why these myths are so important for our understanding ourselves and others. Mercury turning retrograde on March 5 th until March During the second part of Mercury retrograde, he will be cruising along with Neptune, giving this retrograde a dreamy quality.

You are way too cranky to be in a relationship. You may not realize that, but I bet your partner does. Venus enters Aquarius until March Venus is the planet of love and when she goes into the sign of equality she is looking for an equal partnership or since Aquarius is the sign of groups, she may decide on an intimate relationship with more than one person. Oh My. Mar 5 — Mercury turns retrograde until March Mercury can bring some calmness into our frenetic lives. Sometimes we start too many things and never finish them a special alert for Gemini and Sagittarius. This is a good period to finish up things you have started.

Mar 6 — New Moon at 15 Pisces. This New Moon will conjunct Neptune enhancing the Full Moon effect, making us more introverted and sensitive to others and to our environment. This is the start of the month. Pisces is the most fluid of all the signs of the zodiac. During this month we have the compassion for others and we are not as judgmental as other times special alert for Scorpio and Capricorn.

Sun Conjunct Neptune at 16 Pisces. Addiction, racism, and prejudice may influence your thoughts, words, and behaviors. It is important to listen carefully and think before speaking because of a tendency to react instinctively, especially when upset. Talking with a mentor may help you make sense of conflicted feelings.

Lunar eclipse opposite Saturn can cause bad moods because of sadness, boredom or loneliness. Difficulty in sharing your emotions can lead to relationship problems. Melancholy, pessimism and emotional coldness could also make socializing a chore. You could feel burdened or guilty about responsibilities for your partner or someone much older or younger than you, like a child or grandchild, parent or grandparent.

If you already have a tendency toward depression, you will need to work hard to avoid your negative feelings manifesting as loss, disappointment, and despair. Lunar eclipse opposite Pluto causes inner turmoil and relationship drama. Your feelings can intensify to such an extreme level that you can no longer control your own reactions and behavior. You may experience dramatic mood swings, feeling strong and sexy one moment then nose-diving into insecurity the next.

Some feelings you may experience include hopelessness, fear, jealousy, and obsessiveness. You might also be vulnerable to being emotionally manipulated and controlled. But if you try to ignore or suppress your own intense feelings, someone you are emotionally attached to may act out such extreme behavior.

source Trying to control others will only end in guilt and shame. While the Moon rules traditional motherhood, where mom stays home to nurture, Ceres rules modern motherhood such as working mothers and single mothers. Minor planet Ceres also rules food, natural resources and the environment. So this opposition may cause tension between the need for good nutrition and environmental consciousness, versus the pressures of the modern world, time constraints, and convenience. Lunar eclipse full moon January favors climate change deniers and polluters. Lunar Eclipse trine Neptune is a relatively weak influence compared to the oppositions but it does give some much-needed cause for hope.

Neptune provides sensitivity, compassion, faith, and inspiration. Guidance and reassurance can come from spiritual or religious beliefs and practices like meditation and prayer. Due to the Precession of the Equinoxes , the Sun Signs are almost a whole Sign out of alignment with the Constellations from which they were named. Full Moon January [Stellarium]. Lunar eclipse conjunct Castor: Timid, sensitive, lacks confidence, occult interest, and psychic ability, blindness, facial injuries, disgrace, stabs, wounds, imprisonment.

Because of the association of cleanliness with Godliness virtue , this mansion also presides over law and order, moral uprightness and cleansing of moral wrongs. The luck in this mansion is said to vary because of the conflict of the elements involved. Labor is rewarded, while idleness is sanctioned. It is good for taking exams, tending to herbivorous animals and all types of industriousness.

It is very good for gardening and widows.

12222 Eclipse Astrology, World Predictions 12222, Celebrity Predictions 12222

Bad for funerals because of the risk of epidemics and sudden death, though, and all projects in progress should be worked on instead of being put aside. Sun conjunct Mercury means the main focus of the January 10 lunar eclipse is on thinking and communications but also trade and transport. The Sun, Saturn and Pluto are masculine and authoritarian. This leaves the emotions of the Moon very vulnerable. At the personal level, thoughts and words are likely to become cold, calculated and ruthless.

Feelings will take a back seat to harsh realities as bullies, bigots, and loudmouths gain the upper hand. The lunar eclipse on fixed star Castor increases emotional sensitivity and nervous anxiety. At the global level, freedom of speech and the independence of the media will be curtailed by governments and even multinational organizations. The public, represented by the Moon, will be subject to lies and propaganda.

Even freedom of movement and freedom of association will be threatened as rulers and states increase their grip on power. Human rights will be lost in the name of national security. However, full moon January trine Neptune gives some hope that a sense of compassion and humanity will soften the oppressive nature of this lunar eclipse.

On a personal level, you can draw on your faith and the support of loved ones. At the global level, it gives voice to religious and spiritual leaders, humanitarian organizations and environmental groups.