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Pluto, ruler of eighth house is in her ascendant.

Pluto has blessed this lady the power to rise again from ashes. She can easily tackle situations which other woman of zodiac finds impossible to do. Mars has given Scorpio rising woman an immense courage. She is fond of sports. She will also take revenge if deeply hurt or insulted. Probability is when insulted there is no turning back. She will definitely seek revenge. Silently or openly.

Your front door- the rising sign and ascendant sign

Her beautiful eyes can run a shiver into spine. She has a hypnotic effect in her black eyes. Scorpio rising lady cannot stand for cheapness.

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So, whenever cheapness cross her she sends signal to stop. It is her inbuilt defence mechanism.

Scorpio ascendant or scorpio rising woman is capable of maintaining gender neutral friendships for very long. Early part of life of Scorpio ascendant lady is not so good. She has gone through many pain and sufferings.

Read Your Own Horoscope: A Step-By-Step Tutorial to Vedic Astrology

Those painful memories strike her back till now. Those valuable and painful lessons has made her of iron metal. Scorpio rising lady do not believe in shortcuts in life. With sheer hard work and determination, she will take long route of success. But, this success is earned by her. The image you like to project to the world, and how you appear to others when they first get to know you.

The Most Compatibile Relationships. Sun, Moon Ascendant Inter-aspects.

For some of us, what you see is what you get, and our rising signs and sun signs are quite similar; for others, the private person at the core is very different to first impressions — this happens when the ascendant sign is quite dissimilar to the sun sign. You can probably think of times in your own experience when you have gelled instantly with someone, but then perhaps cooled off them a little once you got to know them. For marriage or a long term relationship, however, you need much stronger links between your two charts than ascendant signs alone.

Even if the initial match between you is terrific, or even if you share the same ascendant sign, compatibility over the longer term comes with all the relationship baggage we know and love. Consider a couple who both have Libra rising, and are at a party. Then perhaps she starts flirting with someone else.

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Fine, no problem — easy going Libra rising guy laughs it off as a bit of harmless fun. Willful and self-reliant, you need to overcome lingering resentment and jealousy. Some say this is the strongest and most difficult ascendant of all: the "razor-edged path" only taken by those who have been given the strength and power to do so. Devil or angel, with Scorpio Rising the personality and the spirit do battle unto death.

What is my rising sign?

And it is the personality that must evolve through death and rebirth. You are magnetic and very aware of the sexual energy in your environment, and have the ability to drastically alter your surroundings as well. You appear to others as intense, passionate, secretive, penetrating and sensitive. You know how to get to the heart of things, and gravitate to positions of power and control.

There is a great reserve and hidden power with Scorpio Rising that is felt and respected by others.

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It's not easy to know you, for you're a deep individual and silent even in suffering. You're courageous, persistent, and cool-headed in a crisis. The heavier the burden, the more you'll quietly see your task through to the end.